Healthy Economy & Great Quality of Life

Brent, Kenoyer and Gunderson and publicIncrease the City’s proactive economic development efforts by creating and preserving jobs, strengthening our economic base and enhancing the City’s revenue base.

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Strategic Objectives & Strategies 

A. Adopt a Revised General Plan Focused On New Business Development

  • Complete an update to the General Plan
  • Explore annexation of North McHenry
  • Increase water and wastewater capacity

B. Promote New & Expanding Businesses Through Targeted Incentives

  • Initiate a pilot phase of free WiFi downtown
  • Implement downtown hospitality assessment recommendations
  • Attract amenities for the downtown, including housing, dining and entertainment options
  • Create an Economic Development position to focus on promotion, retention and expansion
  • Explore the potential for building a downtown ballpark
  • Create a comprehensive marketing program to attract new business
  • Develop a Centre Plaza Success Plan
  • Plan, prioritize and fund infrastructure for key commercial/business park areas (make areas shovel ready)

C. Adopt a Proactive Approach for Bringing Utilities to Identified Business Development Areas

  • Market and sell high quality wastewater and leverage recycled waste water for economic development or lower rates

D. Leverage the Airport as a Regional Asset to Encourage Economic Development

  • Develop a vision for the airport
  • Establish air service to LA